Wednesday, July 05, 2006

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SUPER-QUICK, SUPER-LATE SUNDAY MORNING ROUND-UP: Just because Tim Russert took the week off doesn't mean I did. Not that I would've missed much if I did. NBC, ABC and CBS all stuck with the tried-and-true approach of one senator each from the Dems and the GOP, although CBS made one very good call and had NYT executive editor Bill Keller as its headliner:
McConnell, Schumer, Specter, Levin, McCain, Feinstein: B. I told you it was a dull week.

Keller: B. He delivered the party line. When a pol delivers the party line, I give'm a 'B', so that's what Keller gets as well. Too bad it was Schieffer doing the interview. A challenge might've gotten something good out of Keller, although it was still interesting to have a newspaperman on the show.
And the hosts:
Andrea Mitchell (sitting in for Tim Russert): B. Her instincts seem very good, but she needs to project more confidence and learn to avoid wrangling over semantics. With some polish, she could be very, very good.

Schieffer & Stephanopoulos: B.
See you in just a few days.
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