Monday, August 21, 2006

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LEBANON, AND EUROPEAN PEACEKEEPING: Radio Open Source are taking a look tonight at European peacekeeping - the prospects for Lebanon, and lessons learnt from past peacekeeping iterations, such as Bosnia. I'll look forward to listening - though it is to be run under UN rather than Nato or European auspices, the foregrounded roles of French coordination and Italian muscle within UNOFIL's new incarnation mean the peacekeeping presence in Lebanon may well form Europe's principal foreign policy challenge yet, and it is being bashed together with a rapidity that the European Rapid Reaction Force was meant to deliver, but never has had to. I'll look forward to hearing what lessons European peacekeeping has learned as, somewhat out of the limelight, it has been exercising peacekeeping duties in Bosnia since Nato handed over its responsibilities in December 2004.

Plus, our friend Guglielmo is on. The reasons to listen keep getting better and better.
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