Sunday, September 24, 2006

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Power Line:
There is no consensus on whether the compromise does or does not permit waterboarding of detainees to continue.
The same post includes messages from three former US military pilots who describe how they experienced waterboarding as part of their training.

Byron York (NRO):
The White House Won — and So Did McCain
Andrew Sullivan:
Two days after the Senate compromise, it appears pretty clear that few know exactly what it prohibits, allows or changes.
More from Andrew here.

Liz Mair:
The President certainly appears to have given up more than he got.
Jed Babbin:
A near-total win for the White House. But the fight is a long way from ending
Clearly, not much consensus on the conservative side of the aisle.
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I've got a couple of friends whose work ties into this sort of thing, one of whom is involved with it in a professional capacity on Capitol Hill. As things stand, they themselves are still not sure what the practical implications are going to be, in spite of having spent most of the time since the deal was struck picking over it, so I doubt many other people really have a clear picture of the situation right now either.
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