Thursday, September 21, 2006

# Posted 1:07 PM by Patrick Belton  

OXBLOG BOYS CORNER OF THE DAY: Shaveblog, for men who shave, and I suppose also for women who shave, who would be interested in touching up their legs with a straight razor. There's one of you out there. It's the beauty of the internet.
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You've done us all a great service, Mr. Belton.

Seriously, every guy who has ever gone to an important event with his neck bright red and cut all over needs to hit this link.

P.S. This quote about buying vintage razors on ebay just made my night:

"As cool as these vintage razors are, some guys feel more comfortable using a brand new razor that's never stroked another fella's puss. Personally, I think it would be cool to shave with an old razor that used to belong to, say, Cary Grant, but the fact is, a goodly number of eBay razors have been at one time or another up a hobo's ass."
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