Tuesday, September 26, 2006

# Posted 4:18 PM by Patrick Belton  

STARTING TO SUSPECT MAYBE THESE AREN'T NICE GUYS AFTER ALL WATCH: The Taleban attacks a convoy of pilgrims queueing for permits to make Hajj, killing 18 through a suicide bomb, on the fourth day of Ramazan.
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Perhaps the Taliban were doing them a favor, after all they were technically beginning their Hajj, and one of the Hadiths says:

It has been narrated form Abi ‘Abdillah [Imam Ja’far Ibn Muhammad as-Sadiq] (peace be upon him) that he said, “A person who dies while proceeding towards Makkah or while returning back (from Makkah) will be protected from the great distress of the Day of Resurrection.”

Maladhul Akhyar, Volume 7, Page 223

Okay, I was wrong. They're fairly decent chaps after all.
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