Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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SUNDAY MORNING ROUND-UP: Yes, a day later than usual. But only because I got so worked up about interrogation methods yesterday. Anyhow, Bill Clinton was the headliner on NBC, followed by Hamid Karzai and John Danforth. John McCain had Face the Nation all to himself. Bill Frist was the headliner on ABC, followed by NJ senate candidates Tom Kean Jr. and Bob Menendez.
Clinton: B-. Something was very wrong here. Russert seemed to be intentionally throwing the ex-Prez only softballs. For his part, Clinton tossed out a few liberal cliches but stayed away from any tough campaign-season rhetoric. This was a fix.

Karzai: B+. Some of his optimism rang a bit hollow, but there was a passion in Karzai's voice that made him so much more compelling than almost all other guests.

Danforth: B-. Danforth is an ordained Episcopal minister and was a GOP senator from Missouri. He's not the kind of person who usually writes a book about how intolerant evangelicals have taken over the Republican party. Yet his arguments were just as simplistic as those of left-wing critics of the Christian right.

McCain: B+. A solid performance. But his effort to soften criticism of Bush's handling of the war doesn't sound like straight talk.

Frist: C. Someone should tell him that when you dodge every question you're not supposed to sound like you're dodging every question.

Kean: C. Very, very defensive. And about as shifty as a used-car salesman. I've never heard him before, so I'm suprised he's doing so well in the polls.

Menendez: B+. I've never heard Menendez before either. I don't agree with him about much, but he gave reasonably straight, intelligent answers.
See you next week.
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B- for Clinton and Russert does not seem to reflect your comments.
The 'B-' was for Clinton, not Russert. The ex-Prez just offered some watered-down Dem cliches, so I can't grade him any lower. I just want to know if there were implicit rules of engagement or an actual verbal agreement to keep it soft.
Gee, no score for Clinton on Fox?
No wonder Oxblog has dropped from a daily read to weekly, at best!
Mike Daley
You get Fox to podcast its shows, I'll provide the grades.
McCain For President! (of the After We Slit Your Throat And Drag You Through The Street to Celebrate Our New Super-Constitutional Rights for Muslims Party)
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