Monday, October 16, 2006

# Posted 10:34 PM by Taylor Owen  

THE FOREST FOR THE TREES: Canada currently has a lot of problems in Afghanistan - shifting support to the Taliban, rising casualties in Kandahar, ineffective counterinsurgency strategies, bad poppy crop irradiation polices, the list goes on. But 10 ft high heat absorbing, Taliban hiding, impenetrable marijuana plants? mon dieu...things are worse, well maybe better , ok worse , no definitely better than I thought...this one's just too close to call...

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I say better. Clearly the Jinn of the Sacred Herb is trying to tell our boys something here. As I'm from Vancouver, I may be able to suggest what that might be. My guess is the Herb Jinn is trying to send a message to both sides: Be one with the marijuana.

It would be like that famous game of soccer between British and German troops during a lull in the fighting at Christmas Day one time in World War One. Except this time, some Taliban jihadis and Canadian NATO troops could sit in a big-ass field of ripe herb and smoke some fatties together. Screw shooting at each other: they'd be way better off getting high together!
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