Sunday, October 29, 2006

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IN CASE THERE WAS ANY DOUBT: I suppose this is what the bottom of the barrel looks like.

FURTHER: on This Week this morning, Michael J Fox proved himself the exact opposite. Game. Set. Match.
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This video is taken out of context. I was watching the show and given the context it is not as obnoxious as this short clip makes it seem. As a matter of fact, it seemed fairly accurate to me. There has been so much Rush bashing this week, I can't help but think it is mostly from people who didn't actually listen do the show. Since, you think it is the bottom please answer this question: Did you watch/listen to the entire show that day?

If not then I think you are making a judgment without knowing the facts.
Excellent point, anonymous!

Anyone who heard the entire show would know that Rush was NOT making fun of Michael J. Fox, but that he was having balancing difficulties as is common in most addicts going through oxycontin withdrawal.

But you have to listen to the entire show to understand that.

And thank you for providing a highly detailed analysis and evaluation of Rush Limbaugh's entire program, putting everything into the proper context. Good show!

Wait a sec... you didn't provide any explanation at all.

Never mind.
I agree that Limbaugh was being somewhat bullyish.

However, Michael Steele's sister (who is also ill) has come out against Fox's characterization. Also, the debate is being framed as a starker choice between the two points of view on Embryonic stem cell research (something Fox is misleading about, since this is the real issue). So, the Democrats aren't going to gain much of an advantage from the Fox ad.
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