Friday, October 27, 2006

# Posted 8:24 AM by Ariel David Adesnik  

IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT TO SAY ABOUT WEBB AND ALLEN? This morning, the WaPo has an in-depth profile of Jim Webb, the candidate and the man. Yesterday it had an in-depth profile of George Allen, the candidate and the man. The current issue of the New Yorker also has a profile of the Virginia senate race as a whole.

The strategy of all three profiles is to burrow deeper into the established storyline rather than to break new ground. Jim Webb the warrior and Jim Webb the sexist who humiliated women at the Naval Academy. George Allen the friendly faux cowboy and George Allen the racist bully. Hitting those points is obligatory, but I think there's still new ground to be covered.

For example, I know very little about anything George Allen did as governor of Virginia or as a member of its Senate delegation. As for Webb, he was Secretary of the Navy for about a year and spent three additional years in a position of significant authority at the Pentagon. Although character and psychology certainly matter, I would be interested in a much closer look at how the two men actually performed in office.
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Game over. Allen dropped a nuke of an October surprise on Webb. Check Drudge.

I LOVE dirty politics.
the Game is NOT over. That is all old news. Allen was also a us congressman. I do not remember anything about him as Governor.
I assume you mean the novels.

Oh no! I guess John Updike and Philip Roth can never hold public office. Not to mention anyone with critical thinking abilities.

If this were to sway the votes, then everything Europe has said about America has, in one fell swoop, proven true.
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