Wednesday, November 29, 2006

# Posted 3:55 PM by Taylor Owen  

IGNATIEFF FOR LIBERAL LEADER!!: Posting has been non-existent of late in part due to work for MI's candidacy at Liberal leadership convention now (finally) taking place in Montreal. If any readers are interested, or here, let me know!

PS. Dean is the convention keynote tonight...argh...

UPDATE: It actually wasn't bad. Boiler plate feel good stuff. But his french impressed.
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This is just embarassing.

I hate the conflation of Canadian political parties with American political parties. What's the point?

And aren't there any interesting Canadians that could do a speech? I think our elites seriously underestimate us sometimes.
Taylor, yes, any inside tidbits would be appreciated. Enjoy the convention.
Adesnik just likes Ignatieff cause he's a jew.
Best of luck for your guy at the convention, Taylor. Hope your having a good time and I'd love to hear all about it if you have the time.
Taylor, the speech wasn't as bad as I had feared.

Anon #2, Igantieff is from an old Russian Orthodox family. Not everyone you dislike is a Jew.
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