Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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It's nice that liberals win elections now and then, but I’m not sure they should be allowed to make movies.
Those are the words of New Yorker film critic David Denby, who adds that:
Both “Bobby” and “Fast Food Nation” were conceived at a moment, perhaps, when liberals were unable to tell stories, so deep was their despair. Looking at these screwed-up movies, even a conservative might say that it’s time for liberals to pull themselves together and begin their narrative anew.“
Actually, I disagree. If liberals didn't make movies, what would we watch? Now, in the interest of public enlightenment, I might consider a ban on political documentaries from the autuers of the left.

But hold your horses there, First Amendment fans. I said "consider", not "support". In truth, I prefer to have Michael Moore & Co. around as rhetorical punching bags.
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Maybe we could watch the movie about the battle of Khafji. You know, the one Clint Eastwood, John Milius and Tom Clancy wanted to make as producer, director and writer respectively, after the first Gulf War. But no studio would do it.

The fact that liberal Hollywood doesn't make effective left-wing propaganda is secondary. Preventing effective right-wing propaganda, as they define it, is primary.
I hear the french don't even have a word for 'autuer'....
"It’s nice that liberals win elections now and then, but I’m not sure they should be allowed to make movies."

Did this senile coot forget that he gave rave reviews to 'Crash' and 'Good Night and Good Luck' last year?

That is why we also insist that is not enough to overthrow Saddam, rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, and then turn around and go home. We must commit to rebuilding Iraq as a free state, which means committing to the provision of significant amounts of time, money and expertise. It means respecting the will of the Iraqi people, whomever they choose to elect, so long as he does not suspend democratic institutions.

We are deeply troubled by last week's news that the Bush Administration failed to request any money for reconstruction in Afghanistan in the 2003 budget, and we applaud Congress for stepping in to add the funds. If the administration ever turns away from postwar Iraq in a similar manner, OxDem will be there to remind it that its job has only just begun. Until the people of Iraq share the freedom that Americans cannot live without, America's mission must go on.

The oppressed around the world have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world--a free, peaceful, democratic world--to win. And we can help them. Students of the world, unite!


About a week ago, after doing a lot of background reading, I typed up a blog entry that discussed your friend Nir Rosen.

The Education of Nir Rosen.

Any comments would be appreaciated.

I guess he's a Dad by now.

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