Monday, November 06, 2006

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PORTER+OXFORD+SUNDAY LUNCH=EARLY EVENING HANGOVER: It is safe to say that there are few better lunchers than oxblog's Patrick Porter. It is also safe to say that despite our conflicting perspectives on the virtues of the United Nations, saving kittens from trees and helping grandmothers cross the street (PP is hardnosed on all three), we can agree on at least one thing - Gallaway is an ass. Money quotes from a confrontation with Oxford students last week:

Harriet Bradley, William Cudmore, Daniel Carall-Green and James Phillips had gone into the library to get a copy of Galloway’s book Fidel Castro Handbook signed for a friend. Bradley asked Galloway about a claim he had made in his speech to the Union that democracy in Cuba is more “free” than in the UK. When questioned in the chamber by a largely hostile audience, Galloway claimed that Oxford students are too privileged to understand what he was talking about.

Bradley said to the Respect MP, “Mr Galloway, I don’t agree with what you say, but I’m not posh. I’m not in the rugby club. I don’t go hunting, shooting and fishing. I went to a state school and so did Will.” She told Cherwell, “I just thought I would ask him about it in a polite way. We made the point that we didn’t have to be posh to disagree with him. His response was, ‘You are confusing me with someone who gives a f**k’.”

Cudmore added, “Dan said [to Galloway] that he was distressed at Galloway’s behaviour towards his friend Harriet. To this he replied, ‘I’m a little bit distressed that you think it’s any of your f**king business.’”

“He said, ‘You are both confusing me with someone who gives a f**k what you think. I don’t give a f**k what you think.’”

Carall-Green then asked Galloway if he felt that this was the right way to speak to members of his electorate. Galloway allegedly responded, “I don’t give a f**k what anyone else thinks.” Carall-Green proceeded to ask him whose views he was in Parliament to represent. To this question, Galloway allegedly replied, “I don’t represent anyone’s views. I represent me. I don’t give a f**k what anyone else thinks.”

Nothing but class, that Galloway. He does, however, bring Oxbloggers (and I suspect an increasing percentage of the civilized world) into common cause - so really, he is a uniter not a divider...
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"It is safe to say that there are few better lunchers than oxblog's Patrick Porter."

very safe. :)

down with kittens,
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