Tuesday, November 28, 2006

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ROMNEYCARE: Liz Mair lays out in considerable detail her criticism of the new Massachusetts health insurance system, but gives Romney credit where credit is due:
For having the guts to take on the problem of underinsurance--he gets one gold star from me for taking on an issue that frankly, only a handful of people in the GOP seem to care about
Liz also has a few choice words for Bill O'Reilly, with regard to the War on Christmas.
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It is my understanding that Romney changed the rules so he could put many more under medicare, thus, reducing the burden on the state. How would this be transferred to a federal program, by moving many over to Mexican and Canadian systems?
"Mexican system"?!? Is that the system where a state exports its underclass to another state with advanced healthcare and no immigration enforcement, then lets their overburdened emergency rooms take up the slack?

It preferable to the "Canadian system" where things like prompt MRI's must be obtained in the private clinics of a neighboring state.
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