Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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SAMHAIN: A few words I gave two nights past, at a dinner my father and I gave in gratitude for friends who have kindly been there for us in past days. They are also applicable to friends in the blogosphere and readers, and so I reproduce them here.
Mum being a good Italian girl, this is her cena novendialis, at which the house is no longer considered funesta, the branches of yew and cypress are taken down from the door, a feast is held and the house is swept.

I, however, unlike her, am a British Isles Celt, and in the Celtic calendar, there is a day called Oiche Shamhna, which is tomorrow, the night of Samhain, when, one agricultural cycle having closed in harvest and the next not yet begun, two years are briefly married - albeit imperfectly, and in the opening it is possible to pass between the world of men and the world of the faeries, the Sidhe, the supernatural. So, a cena novendialis at the time of Samhain, for a Tuscan who married a Gael.

I am in all of your debt. Funerals - the word derives from the now-swept Roman Funesta - can be occasions for great outpourings of love. In one of the closing literary acts of the Torah, God Himself lovingly buries Moses, in the land of Moab, no man knowing the precise place. Funesta can occasion great outpourings of love; such is the case here.

I will not talk longer, this warm debt of gratitude to all of your loves acknowledged; food takes precedence in the Italianate rules of order. I shall however propose a toast, to absent friends.
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For myself, I live in the world of Faeries as much as possible, that is almost always. When not discussing weather and grass with the horses I converse with the Little People who live under the bridge here. It's not a bad life.

Not since Marc Anthony gave Caesar's eulogy have I seen so much gentle backstabbing by the Moslem media. With the opening line from Snake spear A CNN merchant of Venice reminds us that demoncrats die many times before their deaths and Rumsfeld only deals with death once. Not even a thank you for five years of service to the bicycle cowboy.

Some people would like to be a fly on a politicians wall. Personally I think you see more if you are a mirror, watching demoncrats rehearse their pretentious lines.

More people are going to die under the two year hold of the Dilitation N Curettage party then died since president Pinochhio Pants christened the USS Cole with a bottle of PC champagne. Did you see Tora Tora Tora last night? It's Amadine Jad's favorite movie. His version is better. He calls it Persian harbor and he already has new recon photos of the sinkable aircraft carriers thanks to Vladmir Rasputin. Thanks to Walmart silk worms.

If pro choice is the American way, where are the baby pictures?
I did not see the baby in the pro choice fresh water tub. I hope we did not throw her out.

I also don't buy the we are generous in victory routine. There is too much at stake for the demoncrats. There is a war we must lose to win reinfection. A party whose only warrior is bloody Murtha who wants us to withdraw to Okinawa sees no threat to American throats. Only Allah Waqbah songs draw blood from the screaming Kumbaya Voice box.

Sadly the fate that befalls us will always be blamed on Bush the cheek turner. The demoncrats will simply apply their old tactics of cattle rustling when they hid the truth in box canyon.

The party that has more purging committees than the old/ revitalized Soviet Union will keep us in a state of confusion and blame, until their Pravda media calls the presidency for the flag burners. Everybody sing the day the music died. I saw the Islamo Feingolds laughing with delight. Like grand-pa said all the time, "I'm glad I lived when I lived." May you live long enough to say those words. Instead of everything is under control and we are returning to the airport.



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