Thursday, November 16, 2006

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SEN. LOTT RETURNS AS MINORITY WHIP (OPEN THREAD): It's true. It would be hard to imagine a better way of indicating that the GOP wants to lose again 2008. Anyone disagree?
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If you want to read the goat entrails regarding Lott's reascendence, you can look nearer term than the shellacking the Republicans will receive in '08.


Lott is a changed man since getting knifed by Rove, infinitely less partisan. As Minority Leader he is in the position Lieberman thinks he's in, the position to cut deals. When Reid and Lott agree, it's a done deal. A lame duck W will just get rolled.

The Strom Thurmond thing plays well outside the beltway during elections, but is unimportant inside.
Anonymous: that's the first reaction I've heard that isn't very negative (I notice you're not actually positive).

What actions by Lott are you looking at that lead you to believe he's a changed man? And do you think it's merely bipartisanship to get some of the spoils or do you expect less of the influence peddling and addiction to pork and more dedication to old-time republican principles?
I got ahead of myself. He ran for whip, but may run for minority leader.

Contrast Lott with Frist. Lott got nailed by Rove and became unbeholden to the WH. Frist by comparison has been utterly craven, hoping for the Bush blessing in '08, as if that will help.

Lott was an early critic of Rumsfeld. Also, remember that Lott lost his house in Katrina. He almost retired but losing a house will change a man.

I expect a centrist Lott with a healthy disdain of W.
I just find it amusing (if not a bit scary) that Trent Lott, who lost his Majority Leadership over a scandal involving racially insensitive remarks, is now called Minority Whip.
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