Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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WEBB TAKES THE LEAD OVER ALLEN: The most recent polls show Webb not just ahead of Allen, but over the 50 percent mark. Democratic candidate Claire McCaskill has also pulled ahead in Missouri, which means if the election were held tomorrow, we'd have a Democratic Senate.
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These polls include weekend polling, which has a way of favoring the Democrats.
These polls include weekend polling, which has a way of favoring the Democrats.

Ah, desperation!
yes, but the more likely scenario is for a Democratic controlled House, only.

And how much of a Phyric victory is that?

Without both houses, the Dems will have little power of agenda. Therefore, a skillful GOP has the opportunity to paint them as obstructionist on any/all key issues for 2008.

The Iraq war may come to Washington in a real sense. Depending on how it goes, we could end up with a bitter and deadlocked fight over what to do, with the troops caught in the middle of it, especially if something really does need to change in a significant way.

The only tool they might have is the threat of throwing subpoenas around, but I'd bet that Bush/Cheney are steeled for that and are brinksman enough to call a bluff on it, rather than compromise or withhold a veto.

Last, how much do the democratic party leaders really match up to the extraordinary demands of the times, as it were?

Sounds kinda drama-ish, but who among them is a Churchill or a Roosevelt who really has a vision to lead the nation in the bold ways required?

Where is the articulation of
-Smart Counterterrorism strategy
-How to use soft power
-The full force of public policy for real influence of events
-The unfinished work of educating the public to the type of threat and what to do about it, rather than outsourcing it to the military and a war-on-the-side (and on-the-cheap)
-The overall urgency, bureaucratic deft, and gravitas required to complete the hard work of homeland security preparedness

etc., etc., etc.

Why do I get the sense that too many are veiwing this as a potential political victory, instead of how those clever in the GOP probably view it, as their political exit strategy from Iraq, to dump what they can on the political opposition?

If America couldn't put partisanship aside before the election to advance the National Interest, how does a small change in power change the equation, exactly? (Isn't that a sign of an empire in decline, Nial Ferguson or Victor Hanson - the primacy of petty politics, while the Ship of State actually sinks?)

Maybe there is a breath of fresh air coming. I'm still not sure yet whether that is just a new storm from from the Left coming in to add to the clouds hanging around already ...

such as it is.
Facile talking points.

Even with a Democratic Senate, Bush will still have a veto. By voting for Democrats, people are voting for the end of single party rule; they are voting for what you call obstructionism.

And if 'skillful' were ever an adjective that was attached to the GOP, then our country wouldn't be in the mess it is in. I think you meant to use 'cynical.'
Correction: Most recent poll shows Allen back ahead over Webb. Talent will pobably win, too. Polls are always skewed to the left, especially at the 11th hour. MSM makes no pretense of being neutral any more.
Webb as a democrat is going to be hilarious. I can't wait.
Has anyone noticed that the Democratic candidate for Senate here in the Commonwealth has a long history of behavior that exhibits symptoms not inconsistent with a bipolar disorder?
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