Sunday, December 17, 2006

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CANADA WATCH (CW): Warning. I have unilaterally decided to start posting a bit more about Canadian politics and foreign policy on this site. I used to keep these posts hidden away on my personal site, but since it has been down for the past two weeks (mental note, don’t host site on friends basement server), I figured I would start posting them here. I will try to keep to issues of tangential relevance to international readers, but hey, it’s Canadian politics, so who am kidding. I do know that there are at least 3 Canadian readers, so together we can bask in our insolence. Take that beltway. As a measure of respect to the 99.99 percent non-Canadian readers, I will preface all Canadian posts with a CW ‘warning’. OK, bring on the snarky comments!

ps. If these posts suddenly disappear, it is because Porter is way bigger than me and threatened to start writing about Australian politics…
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I, for one, will be glad to learn more about our neighbor to the north. Canadia is a beautiful country.

What I'm interested in most are the values and principles of Canadian politicians and Canadian voters.

Are Canadians just Blue State Americans who have the luxury of governing without any need to compromise with Red State pols? Are Canadians European? And what's the deal with Quebec?

All that I ask is that all "CW" posts contain enough background for ignorant Americans such as myself to follow along.

God Save the Queen,
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