Friday, December 29, 2006

# Posted 9:46 AM by Taylor Owen  

THE GOOD SHEPARD: I thought it was great. Refreshing to see a well paced and thoughtful thriller for a change. I kept expecting a car chase or a building to blow up and being pleased when things just kept slowly evolving. How about that waterboarding scene...
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I saw it yesterday and was horribly disappointed. The pacing in every scene, except for the one with Joe Pesci, is exactly the same, making the movie ponderous and dull.

Also, why did they age Angelina Jolie to make her look 65 when she would only have been in her early 40s?
I also enjoyed the movie. I've heard complaints about the pace, but I think it went along with Wilson's deliberate and meticulous personality. Plus the (great) cinematography and overall ambience reminded me of Munich.
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