Thursday, December 28, 2006

# Posted 11:43 PM by Patrick Belton  

THE LONDON BLADE: This dark, unpropitious morning, I took down from my cupboard shelf the grey cardboard case I'd been grimly aware of since before Christmas, removed the sleek, eerily looking-glass edged Solingen blade I'd sharpened dutifully the night before (you can find directions for everything on the internet, these days), placed it at a 30-degree angle along the junction joining my face and neck against my jugular, and pushed. Frankly, I expected more blood than actually resulted. Switching to a straight razor actually isn't that hard, it turns out.

I found shaving the left side of my face a bit more of a challenge, because of the cross-over. I've considered switching to a smaller nose for next time; of course, there's the chance the Solingen might take care of that for me.

Blogging on more interesting topics than my daily shave will begin tomorrow. In the meantime, if you're a person who shaves (which excludes several of my cobloggers, who can skip the links), for true shavegeekery do visit ShaveBlog and ShavingStuff if you've not yet. Though shavegeekery seems to this point as lonely-male a phenomenon as, erm, blogging, I'm sure these things would do wonders for leg hair, too. (Dr Porter will report next week on this point, I believe.)
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