Saturday, December 02, 2006

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POLITICAL ENERGY: The energy in the Palais des Congres in Montreal is truly astonishing. I haven't slept in days and am huddled in the Ignatieff war room, watching and working with the rounds of votes coming in and dashing in and out of the convention hall. The energies in each are like nothing I have experienced and are in their own ways, the very reasons partisan politics is so truly unique. No time for analysis, but watch out, it's going to be a wild finish!
BTW - For convention blogging, check out cerebrus, sitting beside me at the moment, and for my money, one of the best Canadian political bloggers out there (he is also wearing an MI t-shirt which doesn't hurt either!)
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Sorry about your guy.
So how long until Iggy's back at Harvard, weeping into his cavier at the Faculty Club?
Hi TO,

Thrilling to watch. It seems that Rae and Iggy polarized the vote enough for someone to come up the middle. And Kennedy's deal with Dion made the convention.

Assuming that the Libs win the next election and that the precedent of offering minister positions to former adversaries holds, I wonder if Iggy may have shot at foreign affairs min. Any thoughts?
I don't know which one I like more, the first or second version of this story.
The rebirth is on its way. Next - the book, followed by a stint as a US Senator, then off to become Prime Minister (Or should I say Premiere Mistre)of Canada.

Well, they had so many Yanks (As in yanking your chain) talking to them, I can only assume they are going to take the Barack Hussein Obama Jr. approach to the accession.
The second version of this story RULES!!!!
Shucks. I was leaning toward the first one.

I wish I could have contributed to the discussion however.
Well, what do you think were the relative merits of each?
Thanks tbm. jacob, the man is staying put. cndtarheel, if libs take the next election, there is no doubt MI will get a senior cab spot. will be interesting to see if he ever gets FA. His past in it was seen by many as a liability in the campaign. a sentiment we failed to reverse, to significant harm. I think you are right that rae and MI polarised the party in some ways, however, perhaps more of an issue was the strong desire to choose someone from within. Dion being the only choice. a mistake in my mind, but in many ways understandable.
I like Dion's story so I like him.

Luckily I can't vote in Canada and Canadian partisan politics is some of my least favorite.

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