Friday, December 29, 2006

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SADLY EDGING TOWARDS CIVIL WAR?: Egypt arms Fateh, with Israeli and American acquiesence. See also Ilene Prusher and Joshua Mitnick's article on the backchannel discussions between Abu Mazen and Olmert, which Birzeit University's Ali Jarbawi synopsises as 'Both of them are in trouble and each one is trying to save his neck'.
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I suppose it’s sad in a general, world-weary way. But Fateh and Hamas deserve each other. They agree on goals: Fateh and Hamas explicitly reject any political settlement of the “Palestinian question” and seek the eradication of any Jewish presence in Palestine. They disagree on ideology: Fateh is a secular, Marxist, “peoples” movement, but Hamas is an Isalmist movement.

Fateh is utopian; Hamas is fatalistic.

Neither side knows how to carry our decisive military operations. However, they are expert at protracted warfare. Expect lots of bloody, small unit skirmishes.

And expect it to all be blamed on the US, who’s government will fail to acquire “international legitimacy” by helping Hamas destroy the Jews in Palestine.
I have read that Hezbolah and the Iranians are in Gaza and the West Bank.
Al Qaeda has also take credit for some attacks in these areas.
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