Tuesday, December 19, 2006

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THE WORLDWIDE STANDARD: Dan McKivergan & Co. have put up a whole array of interesting post on subjects such as Mitt Romney's response to the Baker report, British allegations of Saudi corruption, chess champion's Garry Kasparov's opposition to Putin, the establishment of a new US military command for Africa, Sen. Ben Nelson's meeting with Bashar Assad, and Marines re-enlisting in Anbar. Of course, there is also plenty to read about the surge.
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you do know that there are other media out there other than the Standard? Can't tell from recent posts.
Oh yeah? Name one! ;)

Naturally, I tend to read the same publication that foolishly considers my writing good enough to publish!
David, It was Senator Bill Nelson (from Florida), not Ben Nelson.

So, just as naturally, we should assume that your posts are based upon reading only one journal.
No, I think that may be reading too much into what I said. FYI, the publications I read most are the WaPo, New Republic, Weekly Standard and the New Yorker. On my iPod, I get the Sunday talk shows, PBS NewsHour and various others. The bloggers I read most are Glenn Reynolds and Kevin Drum. Maybe you can piece together my ideas from those sources.
Anon 12:42, thanks for correcting my Nelson.
Did the Standard mention the developments in the Haditha investigation???
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