Monday, January 01, 2007

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ENTER YOUR OWN CAPTION HERE: French protest against 2007.

Not that today is punch up on easy targets day on OxBlog, or anything.
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Umm... you are aware that this is meant to be satirical, right???
Mais il n'est pas posssible! Non!
I was at the protest and here is text from the petition:

Deeply disturbed by the lack of a United Nations resolution certifying the coming year as legitimate and internationally sanctioned,

Noting with approval the current partial adoption of “Common Era” nomenclature to replace the religiously biased “Anno Domini” epoch system,

Observing the lack of uniformity in current major time units,

Recognizing the undue burden placed upon the developing nations of Tonga and Fiji by the current positioning of the International Date Line,

1. Demands that the United States of America halt the current progress of 2007 until the year can be officially sanctioned and endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly,

2. Calls for the international adoption of the “Common Era” and “Before Commen Era” nomenclature for historical epochs,

3. Condemns the use of the birth year of the Christian religious figure Jesus of Nazareth for the dividing point between the current and previous historical epochs,

4. Proposes the creation of a committee with representatives from all national, ethnic, cultural, and religious groups to propose and adopt an unbiased new epoch divider year,

5. Requests the international adoption of a metric based time system to replace the current, but antiquated, time unit system,

6. Encourages the movement of the International Date Line so as not to place an unwarranted time and date burden on developing nations.
it's nice to see that the French finally cede the United States complete mastery over the time-space continuum by requesting it to stop 2007 dead in its tracks.
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