Sunday, January 14, 2007

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FROM BLOG-PIONEER TO EMINENT SCHOLAR: The day has finally arrived. Yale University Press has just published Democracy's Privileged Few by the founder of this very blog, Dr. Joshua Chafetz.

The debut of a new of majority in both houses of Congress is quite a fortuitous moment for the debut of a serious publication about congressional ethics and congressional privilege. In a pair of recent essays, Josh has explored the significance of his work for contemporary debates. Read them both (if you have subscriptions to the NYT and TNR).

But forget about what I think of Josh's book. Here's what Akhil Reed Amar, one of the foremost legal scholars in America, has to say about it:
"This book heralds the arrival of an important new scholar in the fields of comparative constitutional law and legal history. Fitting a broad range of institutional details into a comprehensive and subtle theoretical framework, Chafetz shows how Congressional privileges in America and Parliamentary privileges in England sprang from common origins but then evolved along separate paths as a result of basic differences in the political ecosystems. An excellent chronicle of the evolution of legislative privileges from the parliamentary supremacy of England to the popular sovereignty in kingless America."
A lot of scholars would give an arm and a leg to have Prof. Amar say that about their books. Congratulations, Dr. Chafetz.
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Thanks, David!
The book sounds interesting, but I believe that "The debut of a new of majority in both houses of Congress is quite a fortuitous movement..." might better read "..auspicious moment" or "..felicitous moment."
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haha, david is so jealous.
I'm so jealous, too! Congratulations, big fella! Well done!
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