Monday, February 12, 2007

# Posted 9:22 AM by Patrick Belton  

GET YOUR OXBLOG IN PERSON, REDUX: Master Owen and I ought be holding forth tomorrow for any of our London and Home Counties readers who might care to pop round Islington for an Alternative Valentine's Eve Dinner Party; all our readers and friends are most warmly invited. (Halaal, kosher and veggie options all provided; this is OxBlog after all!)

Second, Jewish Book Week is upcoming for 9 days (get two free!) from 24th February until 4th March: I met this institution's charming founder at one point, and with the likes of Leon Wieseltier, Hitchens, Amis fils/בן, Sir Jonathan Sacks and Samir El-Youssef headlining this year's worthy successor, it's richly deserving of a plug. If any of our readers are planning to come, do let us know! We might get a posse minyan together and blog it.

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