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JOHN EDWARDS ON IRAN -- HAWKISH ONE DAY, DOVISH THE NEXT: Kevin Drum looks at Edwards' public statements and concludes that the ex-Senator "was engaging in Politics 101: telling different audiences what they each want to hear" -- without explicitly contradicting himself.

Kevin identifies himself as an Edwards fan. I guess an Edwards critic might resort to such epithets as "flip-flop".

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Edwards seems to be a twerp and Little Madame Cattle Futures is a no-no, so perhaps Senator Baghdad Osama is the chap for the Democratics?
More than a twerp, Edwards just plan creeps me out. Another big money lawyer with no peoblem with using psuedo science and playing on the audiences emotions to get the money. Please referecne his histrionics about "two americas" and his suck-up routine at black churchs. Be afraid be very afraid.
I have voted mostly for Republicans for years, yet I can of course sympathise with the "is that all that's out there?" feeling during primaries. The libertarian Arnold Kling would say that 'twas ever thus, and always will be. The system is not designed to produce great men or women except by accident. The trick is not to put our energy into finding great ones, but in limiting how much power all these buffleheads have over us.

I'm coming around to that view...
I loathe the thought of a Hillary presidency, and believe Obama is nothing more than an FDR liberal who is a genuinely decent guy with a winning smile.

But at least these two are serious people. Edwards, on the other hand, is scary. Close your eyes for a second and try to imagine this huckster addressing the nation after a terrorist attack or something of serious gravity. What a buffoon.
Or, as South Park has explained, our choice is always between a douche and shit sandwich.
telling different audiences what they each want to hear

Lincoln did the same thing. The alternative is to say nothing at all.

The rest of this drivel shows that OxBlog is far right of center. Would that the country be so lucky as to have a real FDR liberal. Open your eyes for a second and try to imagine Bush addressing the nation after a terrorist attack -- his WTC photo op was 10 days later.

Instead we get South Park quotes.
Anon 5:29. Nope - he flew to NYC on Sept. 14, after the memorial service, and gave his famous impromptu quip, to a fireman to couldn't hear him, "I can hear you - all of America hears you - and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear from all of us soon!” It's hard to imagine Gore, Kerry or, yes, Edwards pulling that one off.
Senator Baghdad Osama seems to be fluent and charming and to have no relevant experience. We voted for a chap like that in Britain - Blair - and he's worked out pretty badly. But the Senator, I suspect, has a much higher IQ than Blair. It's a pity that the Democratics don't believe in IQ.
This bit from Edwards does surprise considering how hard he's been trying to appeal to the left sector of the Democratic party these days - see announcement from New Orleans, economic positions against free trade and far to the left of Clinton, etc. If you read the comments on Drum's post, you'll notice the (slight) hawkishness Edwards displays at the Herzliya conference turns many off. It seems many of the Daily Kos type folks have already accepted a nuclear-armed Iran, and reject most efforts not to accomodate such a threat. If the situtation in Iraq improves (even slightly), I expect this issue to become the dominant foreign policy debate in the 2008 campaign.
Oh please, David. Your guy has more flip-flops than a Havainas factory.
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