Wednesday, February 28, 2007

# Posted 2:48 AM by Patrick Belton  

MORE OXBLOG MULTIMEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA! It's like a podcast these days, with other people doing the work. Clever Canadian Richard Albert has seduced me on to Oxide Radio this morning at 11 am (UK) to talk about Hamas and broader Middle East regional trends. Do drop in if you like.

Canada attracts a great deal of vitriol, both for its interventions abroad and the purported failings of its popular culture, but I cling still to the belief that Canada is a force for good in the world.

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I can't listen to the broadcast, but that last paragraph! Really? Who doesn't like Canadians?

I realize, of course, you're joking. The language exactly mimics what any sensible American would say about the US. But does Canada really attract vitriol in the broadcast?
Patrick throwing fancy words aboot us (see vitriol) just isn't nice. We as a nation have appologized countless times for our failures in pop culture (Celine Dion, Brian Adams and James "Wow I found jesus buried on the titanic" Cameron seemed like a good idea at the time).

As far as our international record is concerned, we do just enough to make it appear that we are actually doing something (see afganistan). What you might not relize though is that this policy is rooted in a highly secretive canadian agenda that has a two-fold mandate. The first of which is to facilitate the unquenchable desire of all canadians to feel "holier than thou" to outsiders (you may have noticed the smugness thinnly veiled behind a couple layers of our polite facade). The second arm of the mandate is to ensure that our national supply lines to the worlds most important commodities remain strong and stable. In that regard our government feels that our mission in afganistan is vitally important as it secures a stable supply of opiates (the secret ingredient in BC Bud), as we've got all the oil we need in Alberta.
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