Monday, March 19, 2007

# Posted 8:23 PM by Ariel David Adesnik  

(ACCIDENTAL?) BRITISH HUMOUR: I'm going to London later this week and just visited www.rail.co.uk in order to check on some train schedules. After entering my departure time, destination, and anticipated time of return, I recieved the following notice:
Note: Certain combinations of outward and return journeys would result in you needing to leave your destination before arriving at it.
Well that would be very rude.

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As I recall, that would apply in particular to the train which goes to Morrow.
So vacations to Morrow tend to be extraordinarily short?
Have a wonderful trip!
As a young man, I visited London for the first time and recall stepping into the men's room of a nice upscale pub, the name of which now escapes me.

But there was a small but well-made metal sign posted on the wall near the sinks, that simply said,

"Persons removing fitments will render themselves liable to prosecution."

The language so tickled me that I confess the first thought that crossed my mind was, "Gee, I wonder if the sign is a fitment?"

I have no doubt it was not long until someone finally succumbed to the temptation and clipped it.
Yep. That's British Rail for you!
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