Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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ANNA POLITKOVSKAYA IN MEMORIAM READINGS: Tonight, under the sponsorship of PEN and Reporters without Borders, a worldwide series of readings will take place from murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya's writings. I'll be going to the reading in London; a list of readings in other cities is present on the same page. As it happens, one of the two readers tonight is my own close friend, journalist and writer Sophie Parkin. (Accompanying her will be Richard Strange, actor and musician.)

It does seem to me important that the cause of press freedoms in Russia (and elsewhere, at a time journalist deaths are undergoing rapid rise) is both kept in the foreground, and also that it not be diluted by mixture with other causes. There is always lurking in this country the peril that all political events, irrespective of flavour or distance over which they must be dragged to get there, will in creative fashion be hijacked and piloted undeftly into the discussion over Iraq. It seems to me important this not happen. Much divides us; let press freedoms and human rights be, I plead, the touchstone of something which can bring us together.
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Who is the "us" that you want to bring together? In fact, very little divides me from people who share my idea of "press freedoms and human rights".
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