Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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In the northern parts of England the men parade the streets on Easter Sunday and claim the privilege of lifting every woman three times from the ground, receiving in payment a kiss or a silver sixpence. The same is done by the women to the men on the next day. In the Neumark (Germany) on Easter Day the men servants whip the maid servants with switches; on Monday the maids whip the men. They secure their release with Easter eggs. These customs are probably of pre-Christian origin (Reinsberg-Düringsfeld, Das festliche Jahr, 118).

- Catholic Encyclopaedia, Volume V, 1909.

Incidentally, OxBlog (London bureau) will be having a garden party on Easter afternoon for any of our readers and friends who may wish to pop round our back garden for hot cross buns. No, no, this all sounds desperately wrong. It's easter, there will be simnel cake, and minty lamb. All very innocent, really.
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Filthy Germans.

Of curiosity, is N1 sufficiently in the north of England to count?
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