Friday, March 16, 2007

# Posted 12:20 PM by Patrick Belton  

INDO-PAK OF DELIGHTS: Thought I was smashing on telly last night, but the haze of alcohol slowly evaporating (taxpayer subsidised at the Commons bar), I stumble rather towards the conclusion I smashed a telly.

The good people at Worldview kindly had me on last night to discuss the fourth round of Indo-Pak composite dialogue talks, just begun, in the delightful company of two people whose opinions and work I deeply respect, my friend Dr Marie Lall from Chatham House and the University of London, and Rahul Roy Chaudhry from IISS.

I changed my tie. For benefit and edification of the peanut gallery.

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I'm not sure the haze had fully evaporated by 12:20PM.
Shush. If Belton ever sobers up, it will be a great shame to blogging.
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