Monday, March 05, 2007

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INSIDE THE REPUBLIC OF FEAR: I would recommend the Iraqi Perspectives Report, published last year, for anyone interested in learning more about the inner workings, and bizarre strategic worldview, of Saddam's regime before it fell.

For one thing, its a fascinating study of how the regime fell prey to its own distorted world view.

Saddam, as a true occidentalist, presumed that the rich and casualty-averse Americans would never dare mount a full-scale ground invasion; expected that the protests of international opinion would stop them even if they did; that his biggest danger was not external, but an internal coup; ignored his generals' advice that a blooder urban defence be conducted in order to inflict more losses on the enemy; and took at face value the optimistic reports from his own subordinates about the progress of the war, in a system when to be a bearer of bad news was bad for your health.
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Ecco a chi è affidata la promozione della cultura e del turismo in Italia. Notare il "please visitS" iniziale.

Titolo provvisorio (mi perdoni "Borat"): Rutelli: Cultural Learnings of "English" for Make Benefit "Glorious" Nation of Italy. Buona visione!

Amazing parallels with the bubble in which Bush has conducted the war, from ignoring his general's advice about how many troops it would take to conduct it to how much money would be spent on it, and where it would come from. The two blind leaders remind me of that Magritte painting showing two lovers, with sacks over their heads, kissing. I guess this is what happens when power systematically tunes out feedback.
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