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LIBERALS' "ALL-OUT ASSAULT ON AMERICA'S JUDEO-CHRISTIAN HERITAGE AND MORAL VALUES": It is the fate of pundits everywhere, especially those with pretensions of open-mindedness, to demonstrate their fairness and balance by denouncing fools and extremists resident in their own half of the political spectrum. Now pay attention as I perform this inevitable ritual.

Yesterday, I received a letter from the Heritage Foundation requesting my financial support for its efforts to provide "conservative leaders with the intellectual firepower" that their jobs require. But if the text of the letter is an accurate indication, then all Heritage has to offer is the intellectual equivalent of a rusty old BB gun.

Here's how the Heritage letter begins:

Dear Fellow American,

The new liberal majority in control of Congress has threatened an all-out assault on America's Judeo-Christian heritage and moral standards -- an attack on the values you and I cherish and that made our nation the greatest on earth.
Funny, I must have misssed that press release from Pelosi's office. Besides, I thought that what made America great were its democratic values, which transcend the precepts of any single religious heritage.

[NB: In the quotation above and throughout this post, all italics, boldface, and underlining are in the original.]

Moving on, the real problem for conservatives is that the liberal Congress will be:

Backed by far-Left groups like the ACLU, the National Education Association, Planned Parenthood, and even the United Nations. They'll be planning and working together, pushing liberal politicans to adopt their radical policies.
In most cases, I'm glad to recite the United Nation's long list of flaws and vices. But since when has the UN ever been able to plan and work together with liberals in Congress? Did the UN hire Jack Abramoff to bribe Nancy Pelosi when no one was looking?

Speaking of Pelosi, the Heritage letter describes her as "just two heartbeats from the presidency." I guess if a double-heart attack simultaneously hit Cheney and Bush, Pelosi might be two heartbeats away from the presidency. Of course, it is possible that a terrorist attack could take out both men at once. But if that's what Heritage is really worried about, maybe it should focus its efforts more on homeland security and less on gay marriage.

Speaking of which, I was interested to learn that

The Left's ultimate goal is not just to redefine marriage but to completely end it -- a social disaster Europe is now toying with.
Let's dispense with humor for a moment. This is just a reckless provocation. It is also pathetic evidence of failure from an organization that advertises its intellectual firepower.

When has Nancy Pelosi or any other Democrat I've ever heard of ever spoken out against marriage? (Perhaps Barney Frank on a bender?)

Although I think it's unfair to describe the Democratic position on gay rights or abortion as an attack on Judeo-Christian moral standards, it isn't absurd. But the idea of a Democratic conspiracy to destroy marriage itself is just a ridiculous fantasy.

If I wanted I could pull out a few more dumb quotes from the Heritage fund-raising letter. But I'd rather leave things right here, at the nadir of the letter's foolishness.


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You say all these boldfaced, italicized, ridiculously overstated fundraising claims are "dumb." But they're not dumb. They're composed, and refined, by people who are testing and comparing the responses evoked by particular phrases. This specific area of expertise is what made Rove the great man he is today.

If you ever dealt with this subject matter as it actually is -- rather than as an easy target, and a chance to try to garner some "fair and balanced" bona fides -- I'm sure you'd have something worth saying.
The last election, however, demonstrated the short shelf life of such Rovian marketing techniques, that made him such the "great man" he was in 2004-2005 or so. He's no longer a great man today.

I believe it is being commented upon for what it "actually is." An organization like Heritage, which prides themselves on their intellectual heft, should have their correspondence read on its face, not as some Rove-sent parable intended to simply push emotional buttons.

If you want to allow yourself, and others, to be driven by emotional button pushers that's fine (really, it is). Just don't expect to gain the upper hand as the American public starts responding less and less to such emotional appeals and continues to turn against the puppet masters.
...[T]he American public starts responding less and less to such emotional appeals and continues to turn against the puppet masters.
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