Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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AND A NOTE ON ST PATRICK'S DAY: Something I would have noted earlier, except the 18th March does not appear as a valid calendar date on my specially printed diaries (the 19th and 20th only marginally more so), was the passing of the greatest day of the year, and my name day. We at OxBlog had our annual expected party, of which photographs and menu are provided for those of our friends who could join us only virtually. There are, though, a few leftovers still from this year’s run of Patrick Belton’s Guinness Brownies.

Next year, in Jerusalem? (If we do the fellowship).
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And no mention of the historic Irish victory over Pakistan at the Cricket World Cup?

One of my Irish rugby colleagues told me yesterday he had no idea there was an Irish national cricket squad so perhaps you could be excused on those grounds...
Thanks, Ed; as a cricket fancier myself, I was surprised by our bowling, though to be fair we certainly benefited from Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif's injuries. I'd not wanted to make mention, though, out of respect for Bob Woolmer; a tremendously decent man, and asset to cricket who came at one point close to having had the England job.

I'm terribly sad to see him go, and genuinely sorry to see Pakistan cricket fall on hard times.
Fair enough, although, I think any talk of a nation other than Australia in the WC is almost worthless as they will no doubt cruise to another championship.

Dude, is there an actual fellowship that would lead to your being here in Jerusalem next year, or is that part of the Passover-Jerusalem joke that I'm just missing out on?
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