Tuesday, March 06, 2007

# Posted 6:00 AM by Patrick Porter  

OXBLOG AND THE GREAT (FIRE) WALL: Oxblog is not allowed in China, it seems. As this gives us the status of 'politically dangerous', this surely is an opportunity for feelings of self-importance and victimhood.
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Patrick - any idea whether this is because of your site in particular, or if China is blocking the entire blogger.com domain?
no idea, but it made me chuckle
My favorite sports blog thehaternation.blogspot.com is also blocked.
oxblog is such a threat, I'm sure...
What? I can see you fine

As of right now the blogger.com domain is permitted in China. This wasn't the case for the previous four years and nobody here would be surprised if the Great Internet Police pulls the plug again.

But for now, those of us living in the Middle Kingdom enjoy Oxblog proxy-free
great news. the website claimed the other day that oxblog was blocked, but not now. weird.
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