Tuesday, April 24, 2007

# Posted 10:49 PM by Ariel David Adesnik  

I'VE BEEN BORKED! How often do you get mail from a would-be Supreme Court justice? OK, so maybe it was a generic fundraising letter, but it was damn entertaining.

Judge Bork was writing to request support for the Collegiate Network (CN), which promotes conservative thought and journalism on American campuses. Here's why you should give CN your money:
Today, while a new generation of citizen-soldiers hunts terrorists around the globe, another war is being fought on America's college campuses and in our national media.

Success on this "Second Front" is every bit as crucial to the survival of our national character and freedoms as winning the War on Terror...

One of the biggest differences between the aftermathof December 7th and September 11th, is that in 1941, the vast majority of college professors and members of the press were proud to be Americans.

Today the academy and media situation is vastly different.

I have been an educator and public servant for much of my life and I can confirm for you that percehd in their ivory towers are career academics, revisionist liberals, apologists, and socialists who -- like their liberal media allies -- have made it their life's work to erodes the values of Western Civilization in favor of promoting various forms of "Feel Good" socialism...or worse.
I think Judge Bork must be smoking some of that "Feel Good" socialism. I spent three years living in Oxford, and everything Bork said would still be a ridiculous exaggeration if you applied it to the British academy.

Then again, after three years at Oxford and an additional six on American campuses, perhaps my mind has been poisoned by the:
...moral relativism of the politically correct, anti-freedom, anti-family, anti-American fanatics who control so much of academic and the media.
Well, if you read this far then I think you owe the Collegiate Network a bit of a donation for bringing you a smile. After all,
We can no longer afford to let our rising young stars -- and, eventually, our nation -- be intellectually "disarmed" by brainwashing college professors who prefer Karl Marx to Thomas Jefferson.

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That's one of the most intelligent anonymous comments I've seen yet!

I don't think Bork is wrong, exactly, but I do think he exaggerates; especially the dangers. But then I'm one of those people who think 18-20 year olds should be communists.
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