Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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A POST-VETO SHOWDOWN: Reid/Pelosi vs. Bush/Cheney. TPM has the background from the oval office meeting where the line in the sand was drawn. I think my beliefs and the Vegas odds may be on the opposite sides of this one...
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I happen to live in Nevada and am quite familiar with Pinky Reid, that passive-agressive little jack-Mormon turd-polisher. Between Pinky and his headscarf wearing compatriot, these retreads have no clue what the American people want. They want borders, a national identity without the apologies, an end to political correctness; and they don't want to know how to make government work, they want to know how to make it stop. It's the damndest thing that we do not have such a candidate, because the man wouldn't even have to campaign. Or woman. You bet. A conservative woman, never a liberal. You couldn't even make a decent candidate out of a composite.
What I do know is that no Democrat will win the presidency in 08. They are absolutely trusted-to do the wrong thing. The Republican primaries will determine the new president. That is not encouraging either.
At least we're not England.
The political calendar is completely controlled by Reid/Pelosi because they can choose when to send the bill up. Since this is a bare knuckled political fight, hopefully they'll wait until after Gonzo goes down in flames.

But what happens next will be interesting. Pelosi could shut down the war simply by refusing to fund it. Bush is a deeply unpopular lame duck with essentially no political capital left. The war is very unpopular. Pelosi is reasonably popular. Even Republicans don't want to run in 2008 with the war hanging around their neck, but 'losing' this battle doesn't seem to be a popular option with them.

The alternative, a short term stop gap funding bill, is less likely since it weakens Reid/Pelosi's hand and both sides are already dug in. If they're going to go for the throat, now's the time.

Interesting times. Even Liebercan changing parties won't change things.
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