Friday, April 13, 2007

# Posted 10:41 AM by Patrick Belton  

SINCE IT'S FRIDAY*, go to Google maps, click on 'get directions', enter 'London' and 'New York' as respectively points A and B, then scroll down to step 37.

(*and since it annoys my ex-girlfriend when I post jokes)
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Even better: Rome to New York and scroll down to number 46.
I wonder if they have taken into account the effects of the gulf stream when they plot where you will end up when you hit North America.
and apparently the English Channel is drivable...
It is Chunnel-able.
What's reall funny is how you leave to Europe from Le Havre. For example, if you put in La Coruña, Lisbon or Tarifa or Tarifa to New York, you still have to drive kilometers out of your way to get to Le Havre.
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