Sunday, May 06, 2007

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DID ANYBODY NOTICE THE ELECTIONS IN NIGERIA? I did. Here are the opening grafs from my article in the new Weekly Standard:
Only four countries export more oil to the United States than Nigeria. Each day, Nigeria produces the same amount of oil, give or take a few barrels, as Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates. If oil prices hold steady at their current level, Nigeria will continue to earn more than $50 billion a year from oil exports.

Oil is Nigeria's curse. It generates enough wealth to provoke lasting and violent conflicts, but not enough to raise the nation out of poverty and misrule. And now, once again, Nigeria is on the brink of political chaos.

Almost nine years ago, a sudden heart attack liberated Nigeria from the brutal dictatorship of Gen. Sani Abacha. Two Saturdays ago, pervasive fraud and brazen violence ruined an election that had had the potential to make history. If all had gone well on April 21, Nigerian voters might have witnessed the first transfer of power from one elected civilian president to another. Instead, no one knows who the next president will be.
Keep an eye on this one.

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It got reasonable coverage in the news on this side of the pond, Nigeria has a fairly major role in British policy and is a leading member of the Commonwealth.
I just "represented" Nigeria in the Model UN competition in NYC a few weeks ago.

Our college won too (just to brag).
Rogue states were always the most fun to represent.
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