Monday, May 07, 2007

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HITCH ON CHARLIE ROSE: The latter was smitten and the former said a myriad of wild and wonderful things, as per usual. A couple of big quotes:

"The consequence of the Iraq war for the Middle East will be that it will be more dangerous to be a friend of the US than an enemy."

"The Taliban is another name for the Pakistani colonization of Afghanistan." I think I'll just leave that one out there...

OK, one more, paraphrasing: "I think, by the way, that I have figured out the difference between writers of non-fiction and fiction. Novelists and poets understand music."


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Interesting commentary. Sometimes hits a home run or two. Charlie Rose I'm not sure about. Hitchens, however, has a remarkable intellect but is often tilted toward Mars. He tries so hard to be contrary that you've got to give him credit. If nothing else Christopher makes plodders such as I question conventions.

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