Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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WANNA BUY A PRESIDENCY? This is pretty incredible:
New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is prepared to spend an unprecedented $1 billion of his own $5.5 billion personal fortune for a third-party presidential campaign, personal friends of the mayor tell The Washington Times.

He has set aside $1 billion to go for it," confided a long-time business adviser to the Republican mayor. "The thinking about where it will come from and do we have it is over, and the answer is yes, we can do it."


"Bloomberg is H. Ross Perot on steroids"
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Apparently, however, NYC is being run pretty darn well.

(Which, I realize---I really do---is so absolutely besides the point that it makes all discussion of it unnecessary.)

Let's talk instead about the rather novel idea of buying political office. Three cheers for righteous indignation!
Is buying political office a novel idea? Buying it for oneself may be fairly new; Jon Corzine's '02 Senate campaign was the trend setter. But Corzine and Bloomberg have done decent jobs in part because their not beholden to anyone.

I'd rather save my righteous indignation for the invisible oligarchs who bought the U.S. Presidency as a gift for their useful (to them) idiot. Tax rates of 15% on dividends and capital gains was a nice return on that investment.
You think that's incredible, listen to this, the Jay Leno for President campaign is spending $0 to get America's favorite late-night host elected. From the 36 million hits they've gotten on their blogsite counter, it's obvious you might not need money to get elected, just die-hard grassroots supporters. Check them out at www.JayLenoforPresident.com

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