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A MAN OF THE PEOPLE: Obama may be clinically charismatic, but Edwards is delusional in his sincerity:
Asked if he had to join a hedge fund to learn about financial markets, Edwards replied, "How else would I have done it?"

He said he considered going to an investment firm such as Goldman Sachs, but Fortress was the most natural fit. Presented with the suggestion that he could have taken a university class instead, he said, "That's true."
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I think saying "Delusional in his sincerity" is too nice. I mean if I wanted to learn about financial markets (which I've spent plenty of time doing) working for a hedge fund wouldn't be at the top of my list. How about reading a few books?

As the Commander in Chief is Edwards going to go through boot camp or OCS to "learn about the military?" I'd love to see it. Maybe he'll go on food stamps to learn about the poor. Maybe he could emulate Oregon's governor and feed himself on $25 dollars a week. For just one week.

Or maybe, just maybe he could be honest and say, "I worked for a hedge fund becuase they offered me a lot of money."
As the Presidential race gains speed global poverty is an issue that needs to be critically addressed by all potential candidates. The United States has agreed to the Millennium Development Goals, plan that will put an end to global poverty by 2015. Unfortunately less than half of aid from the United States goes to the poorest countries where people earn less than $2 a day. Also, the program to end starvation and malnutrition is under funded by over $19 billion dollars. Groups such as the Borgen Project are working to bring global attention to global poverty. For any candidate to receive backings from organizations such as these it is crucial that their foreign policy addresses these issues. Candidates such as Obama understand this importance and are adressing the issue.
In some ways it is admirable that Edwards is at least concerned enough poverty to even mention it. Most politicians overlook it completely.

However, there are better ways to address poverty than taking a high paying hedge fun job. Supporting The UN's Millennium Development Goals, as mentioned by alexis, is a start. These goals set out an achievable path to eliminating global poverty, but they require the support of the wealthy nations, especially the US.

So Edwards gets credit for giving poverty some badly needed publicity, but what is really needed are concrete efforts towards the elimination of global poverty.
You cannot end global poverty.
Poverty is a measure of a persons financial abilities compared to the population in the country where they live. It is not a measure of whether they will starve.
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