Monday, May 21, 2007

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WHERE DOES THE G.O.P. FIELD STAND ON IMMIGRATION?I Fareed Zakaria thinks they are drifting to the right:
More startling than the transformation of the Republican Party has been the cowardice of its presidential candidates. Four of the men running for the Republican nomination—John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and Sam Brownback—had sensible views on immigration. All supported the original Kennedy-McCain bill, which was a much more intelligent and also more liberal piece of legislation than the current proposal. Apart from McCain, all have now backtracked in various ways.

It isn't just the politicians who are AWOL. The Weekly Standard had been a lone voice for immigration reform on the right. But it has been strangely silent of late, not having run an editorial on the topic for one year, a year during which immigration has been a burning issue. The Republican Party today is filled with what Winston Churchill called "boneless wonders."
Except for the President, of course, who hasn't backed off his support for the issue even though he fought his party and lost the last time around. And John McCain -- the party's most prominent Senator -- whose stand on principle Zakaria recognizes.

I won't go easy on any Republicans who flip-flop on immigration, but a little more perspective from Zakaria might help.
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David, it might be worth OxBlog's time to check back on the torture/rough interrogation issue. You now have a ticking bomb situation and examples of serious torture (not naked guys being abused) available to discuss instead of the hypothetical situations that were offered months ago.

Couldn't it possibly be that Fareed and friends are the ones that need to open their eyes and the yaboos out in the country see the real catestrophic nature of this bill?
Bush is certainly a very determined man, not giving to flip flopping. I wonder if this immigration bill is as good an idea as invading Iraq? I mean, isn't anything supported by Fareed Zakaria, David Adesnik and George Bush a little suspect?
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