Monday, June 25, 2007

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OXBLOG GETS MARRIED: On Saturday afternoon, I had the tremendous privilege of watching Josh Chafetz, the esteemed founder of this website, get married. Josh was beaming. The smile on his face was so broad and energetic I don't think he could've stopped smiling if he tried. During the ceremony, as Josh held the hands of his lovely bride Kate, it seemed as if he could barely believe that one human being is entitled to so much good fortune. The expression on Josh's face was one of pure joy, of receiving a gift so wonderful and complete that he could ask for nothing more in this lifetime.

The bride was pretty happy, too. I had only met her once before the wedding, but had no problem seeing how Josh fell in love with a woman so charming, intelligent and kind-hearted. But since I've known Josh for quite a while, I was struck by how radiant he was as he held Kate's hands in his own. And it was impossible not share in his joy, because one wants exactly for one's good friends what Josh has found with Kate.
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