Saturday, June 16, 2007

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THE YEARS OF INVASION: I am keen to see whether Oxblog readers could direct me to any decent books about the years 1978-9 in global terms.

It seems to have been a period of opportunistic aggression from major powers - the Chinese invasion of Vietnam, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and of course Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iran. I mean books about these years specifically, rather than general accounts of the Cold War in the 70's/80s. Any leads would be welcome!
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1979 : the year that shaped the modern Middle East by David W. Lesch.
Not quite sure, but you can't forget the Iranian Revolution. It is often seen as a reaction against just this sort of imperialist adventurism -- an effort to remove Iran from the competing foreign spheres of influence, and construct a distinctively Shi'a state.
Can't think of one - quick, better write it!
You forgot the Cuban invasion of Nicaragua.
All these events leading Zbigniew Brzezinski, in a famous article in Time in January 1979, to coin the phrase 'arc (or crescent) of crisis'.
Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iran.

With all due respect to your view, but the realty is Khomeini was the first for regime change in Baghdad as soon as he got the power in Iran.

There are a lot of references to that Khomeini call; I don't know why some keep holding other version of the causes of that 8 years war?

I simply referred to the fact that Saddam Hussein's forces invaded Iran. This is indisputable, hard fact.


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