Saturday, July 21, 2007

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THE WEB HAS NO MERCY: It's no secret that while we may disagree about a bunch of things around these parts (oxblog), we all have a certain affinity for Hitch. Which only makes this all the funnier...
SPARTA, TN–Noted author, social critic, and political gadfly
Christopher Hitchens was once again the focus of controversy Monday,
when he was forcibly removed from Happy Trails trailer park following a
drunken confrontation with Noreen Bodell, 39, his common-law wife of 14

"We're down at the old Hitchens place probably twice a month at least,"
said Sgt. Wilson Vernon, the first of three officers to arrive at the
scene. "Once his blood's up, old Hitch can get meaner than a
three-legged coon hound. From what the neighbors told us about this
latest incident, Noreen was all worked up, accusing him of drinking and
womanizing. He was angry with her refusal to acknowledge that there is
ample evidence to make a case for prosecuting Henry Kissinger as a war
criminal. She just kept shouting, 'No, there ain't!'"...

Added Perkins: "So long as Hitch can learn to keep his mouth shut about
Christianity being symptomatic of the 'savage and ignorant prehistory
of our species' and whatnot, I'm sure he'll cause no trouble that a few
cups of black coffee and a night in the drunk tank can't solve."
When the Onion is good, damn it is good.
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