Friday, November 09, 2007

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ONE ELECTION TOO EARLY?: In theory, I am sympathetic to Sullivan's thesis that Obama is a post-boomer candidate. In fact, I am sympathetic to most post-boomer theses. Including, recently, this one. Which is awesome. In practice, however, my sense is that it is at least one election too early for a successful post-boomer run. Not least of which because there are just so damn many of them. This of, course, should not prevent Obama himself from capitalizing on the positioning, which he appears to be doing:
I think there's no doubt that we represent the kind of change that Senator Clinton can't deliver on and part of it is generational. Senator Clinton and others, they've been fighting some of the same fights since the '60's and it makes it very difficult for them to bring the country together to get things done.


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''Which is awesome. In practice, however, my sense is that it is at least one election to early for a successfulness post-boomer run.''

Shouldn't it be 'one election TOO early for a SUCCESSFUL post-boomer run'.

Are you drunk?

Also, where did the archives go?
I've been meaning to fix the archives for a while now, but actually having readers ask for it finally got me off my arse.

For now, I've come up with a temporary solution that is visually unappealing. I hope that some more tinkering will allow me to put up something like the old archives, which Blogger took away.
A real post-boomer candidate will discuss SS/Medicare in a context other than infinite tax increases. Then, we'll see how things go.

Obama's trying too hard to be Mr. Wonderful, who'll save the world with vast tax increases. Yeah, that'll work.
And that post-boomer candidate will only succeed after all the boomers are dead. Admittedly I've only talked to a few boomers but not a single one cares about ss insolvency. All they want is to make sure they get theirs in the end. Principles be damned. It's sad. Seriously what has the boomer generation done for us except maybe push the edge of the sexual envelope?
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