Thursday, November 15, 2007

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WATERBOARDING, STATESIDE: Sullivan on an interesting case:
Waterboarding was sometimes used in the Deep South to torture
African-Americans and to extract false confessions to alleged crimes.
And when it emerged in an appeal as long ago as 1926, even the
Mississippi Supreme Court ruled it categorically "a specie of torture
well known to the bench and bar of the country," and "barbarous." They
over-turned a guilty verdict for murder by an African-American man
against a white man because such methods invalidated any notion of a
reliable confession.
More here.
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If you shove a cattle prod up the ass of a terrorist, it would not be a bad thing. Sorry boys and girls, but this exquisite moralizing about the rights of people that have deliberately renounced the most basic principles of civilized behavior to murder and maim innocent people makes me laugh. It has all the appearence of people on automatic pilot, spewing cliches about torture and so forth because that is how they are trained to think. Explain to me again why waterboarding or torturing a would-be terorist is wrong if it works. Because it's bad PR? Because our timid sensibilities are supposedly offended? Because it will supposedly lead down the fabled slippery-slop? Because then the "terrorists will win"? Or because, more likely, we are really just complete hypocrites scared to say what we actually believe because we may look bad among our pseudo-intellectual peers?
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