Tuesday, December 18, 2007

# Posted 7:58 PM by Taylor Owen  

ARE THE ODDS IN FAVOR OF A THIRD PARTY RUN FROM THE RIGHT? If Huckabee wins, McCain goes independent. If McCain wins, Huckabee goes independent. If Romney or Giuliani win, Paul goes independent. What other options does this leave? Are all of these scenarios good news for the dems?
For my money, Obama wins in any scenario, and Hillary beats everyone (just) but McCain head on. If McCain is the independent and Huckabee is the GOP, all bets are off.

UPDATE: And then there is the wild card.
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While I support McCain in 2008 (Although my heart is with Ron Paul, but likelihood of his nomination is even smaller then McCain), He won't run as an independent in my opinion. He's been pandering to the base of the Republican party and he's not really been emphasizing his 'independent' appeal during the campaign. He hasn't pushed the issue of his 'elect-ability' or his polling against Hilary Clinton (which has been good). Given I don't live in the primary states, but I haven't seen much of that activity.

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While I don't support anybody in 2008, can you explain why if Obama's daddy was a white New Yorker who abandoned wife and child instead of a black Kenyan who abandoned wife & child he'd ever be considered as Councilman, State Assemblyman, U.S. Senator let alone President of the U.S.
Guess 1/2 race is everything and I pity his Mother, as his book should've been about her, but, of course she's white and he's not.
Egad, Owen, you're worthless. Post after post of - words fail me - eschew profanity - nonsense.

Oxblog, give me this guy's job! If he is the token conservative he is a, wait for it, miserable failure. If you don't pigeonhole him but grade on straight caliber of thought...he is, instead, a failure of truly epic proportion.

I can think and write rings around this guy. Of course probably most of your commenters can, but at least I am stepping up and offering to relieve him of (bloggish) existence and you a blight on the masthead. By all means hire whoever you wish but didn't you use to have actual MINDS at work here?

Wild card, forsooth. Oh, don't throw me in that briar patch!
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