Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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A SAVAGE CHRISTMAS IN IRAQ: Once again, Al Qaeda in Iraq has demonstrated the brutality for which it is so widely known and despised. In spite of suffering heavy losses this year precisely because the people of Iraq turned against its vicious ways, Al Qaeda has learned nothing, while we have adapted.

Today's suicide bombings were horrific, but the number of such attacks has been falling consistently over the past several months. The war is not over, not by a longshot. But if our commander and our troops keep on doing what they have been, 2008 will give us and the people of Iraq much to be proud of.

David Adesnik
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With all due respect, none of this will matter if there is no political resolution and the Iraqis themselves don't learn to get along.

The only solution to this war is a political one and that certainly does not appear to be in the cards.
Actually al-Qaeda has learned quite a bit, such as that any bombing they can pull off will immediately be placed on the front pages with the usual headlines by a media that highlights these terrorist acts not to condemn their barbarism or desperation but as supposed proof of the media's defeatist narrative. Why do I get the feeling that when a bomb goes off anywhere in Iraq certain media outlets are cheering.
Why do I get the feeling that when a bomb goes off anywhere in Iraq certain media outlets are cheering?

True, it does seem that Fox News is cheering whenever there is a human catastrophe.
Iran is the master planner, trainer, supplier and funder of violence in Iraq, not Al-Qaeda. They will not allow for a political resolution unless it it under their terms. Hence, the Americans are being rocked to sleep by the low level of violence the past several months while the "surge" is allowed to work. For the Americans in Iraq, perception is reality, until one morning we wakeup to news broadcasts of a Beirut style bombing times 10 in Baghdad.

There is no real government in Iraq, no real economy, and no real hope for saving that country from further bloodshed. We have bought our own West Bank that will be an American protectorate for decades yet to come.

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana
[Iraq] ...will be an American protectorate for decades yet to come.

They deserve no less than Western Europe and South Korea, do they Danny? If they don't, why not?

Anon 2:57: I was struck by an ABC radio report of a car accident, yea a plain old accident like happens in Texas or Ohio, in which 11 Iraqis died...

Sheesh, desperation for bloodshed in Iraq by the MSM is what I thought.
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